Production, Service and Sales Company
ROL-LAS s.c.
Janusz Konopa i Andrzej Piekarski


Registration information:

PPUH ROL-LAS s.c. Company is registered in the business register under No. 520,
led by Community Leader in Przechlewo.
NIP 843-13-17-378 (polish tax ident. No.)
REGON 770712023 (polish statistical No.)

Co-owners of the company:

- Janusz Konopa - Company Director
- Andrzej Piekarski - Deputy Director

The company and factory are located in Jęczniki Wielkie 35.

Production and sale:

  • Softwood lumber (pine) and hardwood lumber (oak, beech, alder, birch)
    • Joinery lumber,
    • Lumber for construction,
  • Floorboards and paneling,
  • Dried hardwood firewood,
  • Softwood kindling.


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